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Simplified web site for experienced users

The USPTO website is good but it includes lots of explanations. These are necessary for those who are not well versed in the site but it slows down experienced users. It would be most helpful if there could be a slimmed down version without all the explanations for experienced users. A good place to access this might be the new console.


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Link Trademarks and Patents to Manage Together on one Dashboard

I would like to be able to manage ALL of my patents and trademarks together, in one dashboard. As an inventor, I'm sure there are many others like me who have that same issue. That's what a dashboard does, and makes common sense to do.


And that means pending patents, approved patents, pending trademarks, approved trademarks, etc. together, all on one page where they can then be further drilled down into.


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Display default Trademark Collection items without log-in

Right now, I have a trademark collection but when I log-in I have to click on "View a saved collection" and select it so that the trademark status updates are displayed. If you only have a single collection it should be automatically displayed. If you have multiple collections, you should be able to set a default collection to be displayed when you log in. The requirement to select your collection is unnecessary and... more »


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