Status notifications for Trademark Docket

I would like to receive an email notification if someone files a change in correspondence address for an application or registration that is set up in MyUSPTO's Trademark Docket. It appears that people are gaming the Amazon Brand Registry by changing the correspondence address so that Amazon's notices are sent to someone other than the correspondent of record. They do not change the name of the attorney, so they do not need to file a power of attorney.


One of our client's registrations was altered in this way. An employee at the PTO called us alerting us to this change, and upon her suggestion, we began using MyUSPTO's Trademark Docket. I updated the correspondence address in one of the docketed registrations, but I did not receive an email notification of the change.


So I am suggesting that the Trademark Docket include changes in correspondence addresses as a status update warranting an email alert. Also the alert needs to go the old TSDR email address. Additionally, I would suggest that any change in correspondence address merits an alert sent to the old physical and email addresses even if the correspondent does not use the Trademark Docket.



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