API or Automated Access - Disable Re-Captcha

myUSPTO has re-captcha enabled on all logins which prevents bot/automated access. this was not the case for private pair. We had tools which would automate the login process and download XML files daily to help our firm. Now that private pair is moving to myUSPTO these tools will no longer work. Is there any planned release for an API to private pair data? Or is there a way to disable 'recaptcha' for my account? Why would the USPTO offer so many great, comprehensive XML files if our software cannot access it? The XMLs are basically useless to humans. It makes little sense for the patent EBC to offer these files if there was no way to automatically retrieve and parse them. On the trademark side, all these XMLs are public via the tsdrapi. Something similar to the tsdrAPI, but with an authentication token that could revoked, etc. would be excellent.



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